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Custom and rebranded mobile apps for your business.

Rebranded and Custom made readily available Mobile apps from NOCON helps Rent a cab businesses to promote their branding digitally and accept bookings via mobile apps. Offers a convenient way to see the list of Services offered, locations available, Offers, Tour Packages for special occasions and many more. Go mobile! Signup with us today to acquire mobile app for your Business.

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Now get a Mobile App with
Virtual Reality and Configurable features

Free dynamic website

WEB Control Panel to Manage
Mobile app Content, Sales, Locations and Many more

Now get everything you need for your
Business from DIY!

Book a Cab

Always offer convenient business solutions to car rental customers. Integrate booking plugins in the DIY RENT A CAR mobile app to increase customer engagement.

Showcase Types of Cabs& Services

This will make the DIY CRM an ideal place for RENT A CAR businesses to showcase their own Cars and services. Although the app will have a purpose, a benefit to the end user, it will also act much like a not-so-obvious ad for your business.

Loyalty features & Customer Rating

Nowadays, customers rely on online reviews. As always, they love to know about offers and loyalty coupons. There is a huge opportunity within DIY RENT A CAR app to build and encourage loyalty over rivals through Offers and incentives.

Configurable Menu Items

Configurable features let you display or hide Menus and features to the app. The RENT A CAR owner can configure these features in the DIY CRM.

Increases Your Businesses Visibility

Most people these days are booking RENT A CAR through a mobile device of some kind, so having a RENT A CAR Mobile app available for endusers to download and use is a great way to increase business visibility. Advertising your RENT A CAR mobile app via social media channels will work well to attract consumer attention.


Customer engagement is ensured. Gives an opportunity to make a unique connection with end susers unlike many other digital platforms. You can now communicate with them at the drop of hat and engage them like never before.

News Feeds

News/latest updates can be integrated.App integrates with the wordpress blog of Client and fetches news items and show them seamlessly on mobile. Once you publish the news articles on blog, the same becomes available on mobile automatically. Feature also comes with beautiful page curl animation


As always, Customers would love to know about offers and loyalty coupons. There is a huge opportunity within Rent a cab mobile app to build and encourage loyalty over rivals through Offers and incentives.

App configuration

Rent a Car owner can configure the features of mobile app easily.

Online bookings

Booking feature enables to select a car or service offered by Car Rental company.

Customer engagement

Customer will be alerted with push notifications/offers. Also customer can write feedback in feedback forms.

iphone device iphone screenshot


An ideal place to explore different types of cars using infographics.


Offers can be listed in mobile app by Ayurvedic/Spa owner from webased control panel.

Multi location based

App allows showing multiple locations and receive user ratings of various locations.

behind the app

DIY App Builder is for SME business applications. It allows SMEs to build mobile applications in a few easy steps. The typical type of SME are Restaurants, Hair & SPA salons, Car workshops, Budget hotels, Fashion retails, Organics food retails, Tuition centres, Fitness centers etc. This can work across geographies. The platform allows Business Owners to register a free account on our web site to access the "DIY App Builder". They will use a web based wireframe tool to build a Storyboard of his required App function using a list of predefined Menu functions. Business will be charged per application they build and it could be a monthly, yearly or one time fee based on the business model they prefer. NOCON DIY Support will release the final configured to the App Stores and provide the activation link for the Business Owner.

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